What is Harmonic Performance?

Harmonic Performance is focused on the fragile and powerful dynamics that occur when a group of people work together to accomplish something that appears to be out of reach.

Harmonic Performance equips everyone on the team to perform at their highest level.  To make their greatest contribution.  It allows teams of people to have robust and healthy conversations that uncover and solve issues.

Harmonic Performance unlocks the potential for remarkable results by teaching tools that when implemented have an immediate impact.

Harmonic Performance is the “it” factor that elevates teams and transcends the results that are currently being achieved.

A strategy is never excellent in and of itself; it is shaped, enhanced, or limited by implementation. When a strategy looks brilliant, it’s because of the execution.

Harmonic Performance Programs are focused on Execution which provides the framework for:
Moving people, money, partners and processes to support the Strategic Plan
Avoiding unnecessary disruption to work flow while making adjustments
Aligning your people with the right job within your organization
Creating a Succession Development Plan to backfill gaps and vacant positions
Cross functional collaboration of dynamic teams to drive strategic initiatives to completion
Identifying predictive performance drivers for data driven decision making

Harmonic Performance Results:
Aligned Workforce to accomplish your Strategic Plan
Reallocation of resources to accomplish your Strategic Plan
Cascading Strategy that prioritizes projects that accomplish the Strategic Plan
Self-governance for performance and evaluation
Connection and clarity between each team and the Strategic Plan
Tying goals and performance measures to the individual execution of the Strategic Plan
Authentic Engagement from the organizations largest asset….it’s workforce

Individual Engagement Results:
Increased Accountability
Increased Decision Making
Increased Cooperation
Increased Motivation
Increased Success

Business Results:
Increased Engagement
Increased Performance
Increased Creative Output
Increased Operating Margin
Increased Employee Retention
Increased Team Performance
Increased Customer Satisfaction
Increased Safety Scores
Increased Profitability

Why Companies Need It: 

Companies that are focused on creating an environment where people add value, are creative and contribute at their highest level, work to overcome silos, segregation and fragmentation.  They intentionally develop a culture of collaboration, helpfulness and achievement which requires equipping their workforce with tools that allow them to function at an elevated level known as Harmonic Performance.

More and more organizations are beginning to focus on developing their workforce because they know that work gets done through people.  The spreadsheet will reflect the current results but the answer to achieving different results lies in the people that work in the organization.  Staring at the spreadsheet does not change the results.  Organizations that develop the accountability of the individuals they have hired, increase the results that team can accomplish.

People like knowing how they are performing.  What are they doing well, how are they contributing, how could they do better.   Real-time feedback throughout the organization enhances the organizations changing dynamics and leads to more momentum as employees are taking relevant actions.

Each department within the organization has its unique needs.  Some departments are driven by culture and career, another by culture and decision-making while another is purpose and culture.  Being able to identify the drivers and make adjustments, the impact to engagement increases and the money spent on turnover issues:  (advertising, recruiting, on-boarding, training, time to peak performance) decrease.

Harmonic Performance Organizations equip leaders to embrace the relationships and gives them the tools to take action.  Performance is Action.  Communication is key to strong and healthy relationships and relationships are key to functioning at a high level.  By building the skills to give feedback, hold people accountable, create action plans, make decisions, and track progress, individuals are empowered to achieve remarkable results.

is an online program where you will learn everything you need to know about creating a dynamic teams that achieve results that initially appeared to be out of reach.

The Harmonic Performance online training program is where you will learn how to get your team and organization highly efficient so everyone is working together in harmony to advance the companies vision

Harmonic Performance Online Academy:

Every great symphony has a conductor.  The conductor is often thought of as the implementor inside a business.  If you are that conductor or have someone that is good at organizing, delegating and supporting, then the Harmonic Performance Online Academy is perfect for you or for them!

You or they will be walked through every step in our proprietary process to bring Harmonic Performance to your business.

You will have detailed instruction with examples and all the tools necessary to create a harmonized team that is focused on the company vision and goals.

And you will create a matrix to ensure you have the right people in the right seats,  unlocking their highest potential for themselves and the company,

and much much more…

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