3 Mental Traps That Sabotage Your Leadership

Imagine this, you and your team have identified what you need to achieve this year and everyone has their marching orders and now it’s time to get in action. You start the year strong but as time passes the team begins to slow down, deadlines are getting pushed back, tension escalates, morale dips and you are the person accountable for the performance of the team.

What do you do?

You’ve tried your go-to leadership tools and the team isn’t responding.

It would be so easy to rationalize and justify why the team is performing poorly and why it’s not your fault. You’ve already done so much, provided the resources, invested in the technology they need, trained them, etc…and regardless of your efforts, they are still not elevating their game.

While it would be easy to think like this, unfortunately, this type of thinking is just not serving you or the organization…

Let’s face it, the team doesn’t need you in order to fail. They can miss deadlines, get behind, make excuses and get stressed without YOU. They’ve got that nailed down. What they do need is for you to step up. These challenges are the opportunities for you to step up as a leader, develop your capacity and utilize all your leadership skills.

Unfortunately, instead of stepping up, we as leaders far too often stumble over ourselves and fall into one of these 3 Mindset Traps:

Mindset Trap #1:

Making a Plan to Deal with Under-performers After the Year is Finished.

If you’re making a plan to layoff or downsize after your fiscal year ends, it means you’ve already given up on the people you employ, and the year hasn’t even finished. The game is still going and you’re planning the bus ride home.

If you know that someone is not right for your organization, TAKE ACTION! Either get them in the game or take them off the team: Coach Up or Coach Out! Unless you as the leader take action, they are dead weight that the rest of the team has to carry. What kind of message does not taking action send to your team about your leadership skills?

If the person is right for your organization, then TAKE ACTION! I’m not talking about the action of observing them, talking about them, shaking your head at them, sharing information with them.

Information is just information, it is not leadership and all of these previously mentioned options are too passive.

I’m talking about getting in there, putting structures in place that encourage behavior shifts (like using scoreboards). If you want to shift to results, you must shift behaviors first. Anyone can observe and have an opinion… Leaders Lead! SO TAKE ACTION!

Mindset Trap #2:

Thinking They Can Figure It Out On Their Own.

If the under-performer in your organization could figure it out, they would have figured it out and you would know that because they would be producing results. That is unless of course they don’t care about the work and then the action to take on your part is clear. Remember, this isn’t a judgement, this is just facing the fact that something is off and your leadership could make a difference in how things turn out.

Thinking they can figure it out on their own is a total lie that we tell ourselves in order to protect us from feeling bad about the fact that people, under our leadership, are not performing. They may appear competent, strong, independent and put together, but if they are not producing results, they need help, your help, whether they like it or not, or ask for it or not.

If you just read that last paragraph and heard me telling you to step in and do it for them, Wrong, that is not what I am saying at all. As leaders we must inspect what we expect and when people are under-performing, we probably need to increase the cadence of accountability and put structures in place, like scoreboards, to help reinforce ACTIONS that increase performance.

Mindset Trap #3:

Getting Defensive and Grumpy When the Team is Under-Performing

As a leader, you don’t have permission to be defensive or grumpy simply because you are the leader. Everything you say and do is under a microscope. Don’t get paranoid but know that the tendency for these reactions to come forth does exist. When you speak, your words carry weight and power and people are listening. When you act, your actions carry weight and power and people are watching, so be on the lookout fo this behavior in yourself.

Say and act in a way that allows you to be your best self. That includes being at your best when people are talking with you about things that are getting in the way of them being at their best.

Every business has issues, the power in a business is their ability to identify and solve issues rapidly. If you are defensive and grumpy, why would your team willingly want to bring issues to your attention?

I know some of you are thinking, “That’s awesome Pamela. Keep those complaints far from me”. By being defensive and grumpy, you’re getting your wish, but your leadership skills or in this case, lack of leadership skills are limiting your business and your team’s success.

Who would want to work in a place like this? Even if you pay more than your competitors, you’ll see high turnover and a sour work culture. Let your guard down and embrace the opportunities to solve issues.
People are relying on you to continue to develop your capacity to lead.

There is nothing more frustrating than following a leader that is rustling around in one of these traps.

Tips from this Blog:

  • Play to the End of the Game
  • Coach Up or Coach Out
  • Take ACTION
  • Shift Behaviors with Scoreboards
  • Inspect What you Expect
  • Increase the Cadence of Accountability
  • Let Your Guard Down and Solve Issues

It is one of the most difficult and most rewarding aspects of working with people. Make the commitment to pay full out and elevate your game.

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Written by Pamela Mumm

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