“Being Nice” is the Enemy of Leadership.

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Senior VP of Operations

When I’m sitting in a meeting, I am constantly listening to what is being said AND to what is not being said. I watch the interactions and I’m paying particular attention to the team’s ability to be direct through the conversation. Are they saying what they need to say or are they tip-toeing around issues? Are they open and receptive or defensive and guarded? Are they building a case or stating the facts? What I’ve noticed is that when people are not being at their best it’s typically because “being nice” is getting in the way.

Now, you might be thinking that “being nice” is a good thing.

Think about this, when somebody is “being nice”, they could actually be trying to avoid something: They are trying not to hurt someone’s feelings, or make someone mad, be disrespectful or alienate someone because they need something from them.

Trying to avoid hurting somebody’s feelings is not “nice”, it’s evasive.

Trying to avoid someone else being angry is not “nice”, it’s cowardly.

Trying to avoid looking disrespectful is not “nice”, it’s self serving.

Trying not to alienate someone because you need them is not “nice”, it’s manipulative.

Remember, we are talking about being in a meeting and not saying what we want or need to say. Somehow, “being nice” has crept into how we see ourselves AND has become the lie we listen to.

For some reason, we have given “being nice” a lot of credibility and it sabotages our leadership time and time again and we tell ourselves silly things like:

“It will get better.”

“It’s OK, things will work out”

“Look at how well my team gets along”

“Being nice” prevents us from being the bold, effective, influential person we desire to be because we leave the meeting without making the contribution we could have made had we not let ourselves off the hook by indulging the idea that we want to “be nice”.

Even when we are praising other people, to say that someone is “being nice” is such a vanilla, benign, lackluster compliment.

Listen to it. “Oh, they’re so nice”

Yuck, it doesn’t tell us anything except that the person giving the compliment is simply being lazy with their words.

I would assert that they are not actually “being nice”. They are being helpful, or they are being compassionate. Maybe they pay attention to details or make everyone feel included.

Whether we are trying to “be nice” ourselves or compliment someone else for “being nice”, it has no place in leadership.

Be bold

Be direct

Be kind

Be compassionate

Be humble

Be helpful

Be of service


Just don’t listen to the lie that “being nice” will get the results you are looking for in your life and in your leadership. It will not.

Here are some of the things that happen when leaders put move value on “being nice” than on being bold, direct, kind, compassionate, humble, helpful, and of service, etc…

People avoid being on your team because they aren’t being challenged to become better.

People have a hard time trusting you because you never actually say what is on your mind.

Change is slow and agonizing because there is no direct message.

Culture suffers because people are on eggshells

Growth stagnates because things aren’t being addressed

Status Quo becomes the norm

Take “nice” out of your leadership toolbox and be committed to being something that is more descriptive: Engaging, Alive, Empowering, Creative, Innovative, Inclusive, Hilarious, Fun, Vivacious, Bold, Assertive…

You and the people around you are so much better than “nice”.

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