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About Pamela Mumm

I am passionate about helping people, teams and organization tap into their potential, develop their talents, achieve remarkable results and make a significant contribution within their business or industry.

I believe in going beyond what seems possible and achieving a level of performance that appears unattainable at the beginning of the journey.

I grew up in a small-town in Iowa where I started my first business when I was 16 years old and have been building on those skills ever since.  As a business owner, high performer, competitor, and teacher, I know the importance of confronting reality, setting high expectations, holding myself and others accountable, and getting the most out a team.  The result of all of these years of experience is Harmonic Performance™.

As a Founding Member of the John Maxwell Training Team, one of the world’s premier coach training organizations, I’ve become a master facilitator, teacher, and speaker.

The people, teams, and organizations I work with achieve unprecedented performance, accelerated results, and significant revenue and profit increase. Harmony is the key to optimal performance with the least resistance, and the Harmonic Performance™ process is the key to those results for you and your teams.

I believe that we are all capable of sculpting the life and business we imagine for ourselves and I am excited to partner with you if that’s your goal.

To whom much is given, much is required.  Be brilliant, and keep growing!


Meet The Team

Any Questions?

Teams are able to immediately apply the tools and processes to see significant results.

This process works best when the leaders of the organization, including the highest role, are involved from the beginning.  Leaders have the largest scope of influence and by beginning with this group, you ensure you get the most results from your investment.

The best way to see if this will work for you is to get on a call with me so we can identify what will expedite your results and if it makes sense for us to work together.

While there are fundamental components to the program, the process is customized to address the most pressing issues within your organization and give the fastest results.

The time commitment for implementing the Harmonic Performance program is determined by you and your team.  The implementation goes as quickly or as slowly as the teams ability absorb and apply the process.

Yes.  I believe in a process that produces results.  If we maintain integrity and do not accomplish what we set out to accomplish, I will refund your entire investment.

The workshops are interactive and designed with a purpose.  When the workshop is finished, people will have tools and tips to implement immediately.

Absolutely.  Some people choose to begin with a coaching program while  others choose to start with the online Harmonic Performance Program.

Yes, groups that go through a coaching program together can address  and solve organizational issues and increase the health of the team.  Knowing the impact this can have on the teams ability to achieve results we can definitely discuss a group coaching discount.

There are 2 ways to book me to speak at your organization:  Feel free to email me at pamela@pamelamumm.com and include; the dates you are considering, the organization you are representing, the location of the event, the number of people that will be attending and the type of message you would like delivered.  Or, you can schedule a call.

Pricing varies according to the size and depth of the program you select to achieve breakthrough results.

Typically, I am flexible with when I can begin with a booking, it really depends on what else is already on my calendar.

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