Focus: Facilitating positive change by improving thinking
Harmonic Performance® 1:1 Executive Coaching draws on disciplines like psychology and neuroscience applying a proven framework for individual actions and accomplishments. The world’s most successful people, from athletes to business people, have coaches to help them identify blocks, unlock potential, develop key relationships and accelerate their success.
Executive coaching is focused on self-directed learning to improve the quality of thinking: the way we learn, process ideas, create, solve problems, visualize, rethink and re-engineer our mind. It is an intentional conversation focused on finding the best possible solution and getting into action.
People work at their best when they are challenged, stretched, and receive feedback.

Through the Harmonic Performance 1:1 Coaching Program you will:

  • Gain wisdom from your own experiences

  • Get into action to accomplish what matters to you
  • Generate intrinsic motivation
  • Become smarter, more peaceful and more balanced as you change the experience of your life
  • Ready to experience increased results and get into action…

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We all have people who rub us the wrong way: A boss, a team mate, a client causing anxiety and drama. So I created a program to help you be a rock star regardless of who you’re talking to or what situation you’re in.

By the end of this program you’ll:

  • Eliminate Distractions so you’re free to focus on and elevate your performance

  • Develop deeper awareness so you’ll handle yourself like a champ in any conversation or situation

  • Weave more of what you’re good at into your work to increase satisfaction and fulfillment

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