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When your organization or business takes on the initiative to increase revenue, improve the performance or address key issues, it requirers doing something different; implementing a new process, aligning strategic measures, increasing accountability…   However, it is actually the PEOPLE in the organization who are ultimately responsible for the success of that initiative. Potential does not exist in the business, the market, or the industry; potential exists in people.  If people are unsuccessful in their personal development, it they don’t increase their capacity to do the job, the initiative will fail.  If people adapt and elevate their performance, they will achieve the expected results.


The greatest commodity in any business is the people.  Develop the people who will in turn develop the business.  Individual Harmonic Performance™ requires understanding how people experience being part of a team and what they need in order to contribute at their highest level;  increasing the 3-C’s of professional development: Character, Competence, and Capacity.

Harmonic Performance™ Individual Coaching draws on disciplines like psychology and neuroscience to apply actionable frameworks for individual actions and accomplishments.  The world’s most successful people, from athletes to business people, have coaches to help them identify blocks, unlock potential, develop key relationships and accelerate their success.

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“Pam’s energy is contagious.  Her storytelling brings some comedy to drama.  Disarming Drama helped our staff see where the drama starts and how to end it, along with how to calm the drama we start within ourselves.  All attendees were very appreciative of the opportunity to attend.”

Jenni Noonan

Fidelity Bank

“She challenged me to aim higher and achieve more. When I was promoted to a director position, she celebrated my progress – then encouraged me to elevate my thinking even further. Pam is a trusted advisor for me and for the rest of the Cartegraph leadership team.”

Kate Ernst

Director of Marketing, Cartegraph

“The coaching experience transformed the way I measure success.  I identified that I was trying to implement a plan that would work for everyone which left me repairing failures instead of building a plan that would focus on the tools needed to build & support a winning team.”

John Gordon

District Sales Manager, Crescent Electric Supply Company

“Pam is a professional coach who encouraged our team & left a lasting impression. Working with Pamela was a valuable experience for our team and each member walked away from it a better leader than they were before.  She has been a valuable resource for our training needs.”

Kim Budde

Vice President Human Resources, Kunkel and Associates

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