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Hot Topics

  • Creating a Culture of Accountability
  • Disarm the Drama
  • What if the Rolling Stones Got it Wrong?

Harmonic Performance® Strategic.

Focus: Create Strategic Direction, Synchronize Achievements and Experience Accelerated Re-sults
You will Discover the Key to Growing Your Business, Increasing Your Revenue, and Making a Significant Impact in Your Industry. Right now, you’ve hired fantastic people and your success depends on their ability to produce results. The problem is, most people haven’t developed the skills required to be a highly accountable, healthy functioning team, and so they struggle with mediocre results.
Harmonic Performance® provides the framework to support everyone, whether it is a team of 5 or a team of 500, as they work together in concert to accelerate performance and surpass organizational initiatives and goals.

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Focus:  To Amplify the Potential in High-Performing, Super-Star Leaders and Key Employees

Organizations Don’t Have Potential, People Do

When your organization or business takes on the initiative to increase revenue, improve performance and address key issues, it requirers doing something different; implementing a new process, aligning strategic measures, increasing accountability…   However, it is actually the PEOPLE in the organization who are ultimately responsible for the success of that initiative. Potential does not exist in the business, the market, or the industry; potential exists in people.

If people are unsuccessful in their personal development, it they don’t increase their capacity to do the job, the initiative will fail.  When people adapt and elevate their performance, they will achieve the expected results… the key is Individual Attention through the 1:1 Executive Coaching Program. When people adapt and elevate their performance, they will achieve the expected results… the key is Individual Attention through the 1:1 Executive Coaching Program

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Harmonic Performance® ONLINE ACADEMY

Focus: Increase Accountability, Clarity and Action in Individuals and Teams
Performance is Action… Period!
In a results-oriented, performance-driven organization, ACTION is king. However, action without Accountability, Clarity, and a Clear Direction, will produce incremental success at best. The Harmonic Performance® Online Academy provides the framework to drive results.

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Seminars and Workshops

Half or full-day Harmonic Performance® Seminars and Workshops provide the opportunity for members of your organization to learn techniques for success. All Seminars and Workshops include interactive exercises that are powerfully delivered for life-changing results.

Recent topics for Seminars and workshops include:

  • Disarming Drama in the Workplace or Anyplace
  • Creating a No Excuses Culture
  • Suffering is Optional

  • Find Your Voice

  • How to be a R.E.A.L. Leader

  • Do you Communicate or Contaminate?

  • Time After Time
  • Connect to Your True Potential

  • Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Results

  • High Impact Teams

  • Leveraging Emotional Talent


Fine Tuning Your Mind for Remarkable Results

Let’s face it, life is a series of transitions and the better we get at understanding ourselves and dealing with ourselves, the more likely we are to live the life that we imagine for ourselves.

Are you ready to get curious? Ready to meet yourself and become an expert at being you?

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