Focus: Fast Track Teams of people to stop behaviors that waste time, squander resources and cost the company money.
Harmonic Performance® at the Team level is the most comprehensive program addressing the dynamics and issues that occur between people on the team. Intentionally addressing the cohesion of the team provides competitive differentiation and the ability to effectively adjust to the ever-changing business landscape.

The PRESTO Program is designed to quickly equip an entire team with the skills necessary to be a highly accountable, future-focused, talk about anything, solve everything group of people.

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What are people saying about the PRESTO PROGRAM…

“I love how much I learn when I’m doing the heavy lifting and also observing others as they do their lifting. We are all helping each other work toward the common goal of being our best selves with no judgement”
Jeff Davis, VP Client Experience
“I was surprised how universal the issues are, and the more I apply the lessons, the more in control and at peace I feel.”
Keith Kropp, Assistant VP Product Acquisitions and Strategic Development
“I got tremendous value for all facets of my life. I see a difference in myself and how I deal with my family, my co-workers, and people who report to me. My outlook has changed and as a human being, I feel 100% better about who I am. ”
Danielle Rogers, Accounting Manager
“The switch has not totally flipped, but I’m at a point where I’m aware that I’m not at my best, and I don’t like how it feels. Now I know that I don’t have to feel this way anymore. The difference between my perception of things and really believing that things are happening for my good has created progress and been a huge step.”
Thomas Sentovich, Associate Acquisitions Manager