Here’s What People Are Saying

Up-Leveling for Remarkable Results

After several years of trying, we never had the robust conversations necessary or a strategic plan that the team believed in! Now we do!  Pamela’s approach built trust within the team which allowed me as the President to listen more, and tripled our profits in two years.

-Brad Schoenfelder , | Ryan Companies US Inc |President, Midwest Region

I love how much I learn when I’m doing the heavy lifting and also observing others as they do their lifting.  We are all helping each other work toward the common goal of being our best selves -with no judgement.

-Jeff Davis, |Buxton | VP Client Experience

I was surprised how universal the issues are, and the more I apply the lessons, the more in control and at peace I feel.

-Keith Kropp, Great River Learning | Assistant VP Product Acquisitions and Strategic Development

I got tremendous value for all facets of my life.  I see a difference in myself and how I deal with my family, my co-workers and people who report to me.  My outlook has changed and as a human being I feel 100% better about who I am.

-Danielle Rogers, | Buxton | Accounting Manager

Your Mind Your Thoughts Master Class is life changing! I am excited every time I apply the lessons to my work situation. Today I had a conversation with a coworker and I did not have any anxiety. Better yet, she did not get defensive. It was a fantastic start! These actions reinforce my beliefs and desires that a healthy relationship between my coworkers is possible while still getting all the work done.
Before taking the “Mind Your Thoughts Masterclass”, my daily interactions with coworkers were often forced and we walked on eggshells around each other. I was anxious when instructing them to make changes. This level of unease carried over into interactions with customers too. I would force a smile, ignore the unease, and pretend to be happy. Now after taking this class, the way I interact with my coworkers has completely changed! The class has given me the tools to drastically improve the relationship between me and my coworkers. Our service to customers is genuine and they respond positively. This class opened my eyes and directed my thoughts to the opportunities for new ways to fix problems. It is possible to change the world around you, to create the work environment you have been dreaming about.

-Jeanne Adams, | Hartig Drug | Pharm D.
The switch has not totally flipped, but I’m at a point where I’m aware that I’m not at my best, and I don’t like how it feels. Now I know that I don’t have to feel this way anymore. The difference between my perception of things and really believing that things are happening for my good has created progress and been a huge step.
-Thomas Sentovich , | Great River Learning | Associate Acquisitions Manager

This program opened my eyes to where I was and helped me realize that it was not the final version of myself that I wanted to be, personally and professionally.

-Amanda Ramler, | Great River Learning | Senior Acquisitions Manager | Great River Learning | Senior Acquisitions Manager