Imagine you are on a journey to the greatest destination of your life – but you first have to go through this jungle, and you’ve never been there before, or you’ve spent time in the jungle hoping you could find your way out – wouldn’t it make sense to have a tour guide and a great roadmap? Well, a Harmonic Performance SYMPHONIZE Day(s) is not only the roadmap but also the strategy and the “how to’s” to get you to the next level of success in your business.

And it’s led by a successful guide who has helped others through the jungle time and time again. If you were to talk to our successful clients like Jake, they would say that SYMPHONIZE was necessary to clarify the vision and put an actionable plan behind their ideas. Since the purpose of SYMPHONIZE is to create the strategy AND execution plan for your business, the only thing left for you to be successful is implementation.

It’s not necessary, we will record the audio of your SYMPHONIZE Day and refer to that information as we construct your SYMPHONIZE Strategy and Execution Plan. Additionally, we will capture all work developed and any other visual material for translation to the strategy and execution plan and share that with you as well.

Your Harmonic Performance SYMPHONIZE day(s) will begin at 9:00am on the dates scheduled and end at approximately 5:00-5:30 pm that same day.

The Harmonic Performance SYMPHONIZE Day has an immeasurable value, helping people elevate and expand their business. Schedule a call Click here and we will give you a price quote for your Harmonic Performance Symphonize Day after a brief conversation. The question of price comes down to this one question, “What would you invest to create a business that will generate an extra $1 Million a year or an extra $1 Million a month in revenue? or more!” Our clients who have gone through a Harmonic PerformanceSymphonize Day all said it was more than worth the small investment they made to set them up for success.

The Harmonic Performance Symphonize Day(s) are normally held in Dubuque, IA. As an alternative, we can do them at your location for an additional fee.

After the Harmonic Performance Symphonize Day(s), your customized plan will be ready in 5 business days or less. This allows us time to review everything we discussed on the Strategic Symphonize Day and make sure we haven’t missed anything.

I guarantee that I will show up and play full out 100%. I also guarantee that I will bring 20 plus years of experience facilitating talent development and creating dynamic teams that produce results. I cannot, however, guarantee the success of your “idea” or that you will implement the strategies and plans that are set forth during the Symphonize Day. However, I am committed to making sure you are resourced to take your business to the Next Level.

Clients are able to apply tools and begin to see results almost immediately. Within the first 3 months of implementation, they are able to see significant results in the areas of focus, team alignment, communication, and achievement to name a few.

This process works best when the leaders of the organization, including the highest roles, are involved from the beginning. Leaders have the largest scope of influence and by beginning with this group, you ensure you get the most results from your investment.

While there are fundamental components of the program, the process is customized to address the most pressing issues within your organization and give you the fastest results.

After the SYMPHONIZE Day, you will receive a blueprint laying out all the work you accomplished and the next steps.  Also, we will have a follow up conversation where you’ll be able to decide whether you want to go the rest of the journey alone, or if you would like to continue to partner with me through the execution phases.